AppPresser is now on Ionic 3, plus more updates!

AppPresser 3 now uses Ionic 3!

Ionic 3 offers some small performance gains, but mostly this lays the groundwork for major improvements in the near future.

Current customers: you will only be updated to Ionic 3 if you rebuild your app, and it will not affect any apps already in the app store or already installed on a device. If you are currently building an app, please see a couple changes you need to make below.

Recent Updates

You may not realize how much happens behind the scenes, but we are fixing things, making new features, and constantly working on improvements every single day. A lot of it is boring bug fixes or minor enhancements that we don’t tell you about, but here’s a few noteworthy improvements of late.

*Some of the features below require theme/plugin updates

WooCommerce apps now have a cart icon in the header

Added post titles and share links for WordPress posts

Easy header logo upload setting

Update to Ionic 3.2.1 build files, with lazy loading

Coming soon: major performance improvements for Android

Breaking Changes for Ionic 3

​***** If you have an app in the app store already, nothing will change! You don’t need to do anything. *****

If you are currently building an app, please make the changes below if necessary.

Intro Page Slider

If you are using the Ionic slides element in your intro page, visit custom pages in the app customizer, and view the HTML code for the intro page. Change

<ion-slides [pager]=’true’>​


<ion-slides pager>​

Save and rebuild.

Home page with 2 column menu links

If you have the default home page that has 2 columns of menu links, you will need to change the markup.

Visit custom pages in your app customizer, select your home page, and copy over it with this code.

That’s it!

Other than that, you are good to go! Remember that rebuilding your app will update to Ionic 3.2.1, but it will not affect any apps in the app store until you resubmit.  You can try it out without worrying about breaking your app store app 🙂

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  1. Dante Hamilton on May 18, 2017 at 3:11 pm

    Great stuff! Glad we are on the cutting edge of what’s new and exciting. Thanks for sharing this!!!

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