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In App Purchases and other product updates

Things have been very busy around here, support got pretty crazy due to the pandemic, but we are finally able to come up for air.

We have some exciting updates for you this month.

In App Purchases

In app purchases got a total rewrite to make signups and cancellations more reliable, and make debugging easier.

The biggest change was adding a receipt validator. This ensures that all purchases are valid, and has much more reliable cancellation events. You can now be sure that there are no fraudulent purchases, and you will know when customers cancel.

Another change is to remove friction by not requiring additional customer information before purchase if they are already logged in.

Multiple Subscriptions

It’s now possible to have multiple subscriptions. For example, if you are selling LearnDash courses or multiple membership levels.

AppPresser Professional and higher plans come with one subscription level. Multiple subscriptions require additional setup and support, and they are available for an additional fee. Contact us for details.

Migrating from v3

If you are using In App Purchases currently, and you plan to update your app, you will need to migrate to the new system. If you are not using In App Purchases, you don’t need to do anything.

Other Updates

We’ve been working on some major features we can’t announce yet, but we also push bug fixes and minor updates multiple times per week. Here’s a few of the recent minor updates.

  • Update: AppCommerce 2.1.0. Fixes cart issue, and removes requirement for REST API keys.
  • Bugfix: force login
  • Feature: support slides autoplay
  • Bugfix: downloads page tabs
  • Update: update Ionic Native to 5.25.0
  • Bugfixes: intro page, woo variations
  • Bugfix: login/logout redirects
  • Feature: icon/splash error notification

That’s it for now, make sure to update your plugins to get all the latest stuff.

Scott Bolinger