The Free Mobile App Contest

We are going to build free mobile apps for 2 lucky businesses this month. Consider it an early Christmas present!

The winners will get a free account on Reactor, and we will build and submit the apps to the iOS and Android app stores. We will be posting about each app here on the blog so you can see how it was made and how it turns out.

Do you want a free mobile app for your business?


  • App can only use existing Reactor features
  • You must have your own Apple and Google developer accounts
  • Cannot be a project for a client you are being paid for

We are looking for small businesses like churches, restaurants, gyms, stores, etc.

If you want a free mobile app for your business, leave a comment below with a link to your website and why you think you deserve it. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays!

68 thoughts on “The Free Mobile App Contest

    1. fyi – I would offer it as a free-bee if it were a client. I’m interested in the learning, not the $. I can make the $ if I learn to fish. This is a change to learn a bit about fishin’.

  1. I’ve been working on building an app for this site for quite some time now. I’ve run into multiple issue with it and as I result started taking online courses for coding in my spare time. But I my current rate of learning the language I will be able to get the app to say “Hello World” sometime around the year 2020. It’s a personal goal to have vision for an app and then have that app in the App Store.

  2. We are an AppPresser agency, WordPress/WooThemes/WooCommerce expert who is commited to Mobile Apps:
    We developed a niche eCommerce site for beautiful, traditonal handcrafts which should translate well into a Reactor Mobile App showcase:
    We are grateful for your consideration. Steve Walsh – Architect for Business

  3. We do insulation installation and removal, and we would love a simple app to help our crew communicate with each customer before and after the job with push notifications (ie., confirm your appointment, bid summary, we’re running late, please authorize final payment, etc.) Also, if it could allow us to take before/after pics of our work to share with the customer and social media, is that possible?

    1. Hey Richard, that sounds like a pretty custom app, and it would require some special development. If you’re interested in a quote, shoot me an email: scott at Thanks!

  4. I am personal developer and I would to create a site around sport trainning. for that I think that a site under mobile phone must be done. Your software are very interesting to achieve my goal. It will be a pleasure to try it !!! Thanks Yves

  5. As a high-poverty school district, I would use a mobile app to promote our district and make it easier for our parents to engage with our schools and staff. I want to break down the brick and mortar walls and allow us to reach out and share our student’s successes while allowing parents and community members to support the transformation of our district.

  6. I have a WordPress website: with the goal of helping other moms create healthier lives for their children and families. I publish recipes, natural living ideas, and homemade beauty recipes and more. I already have a rough app built on a platform (bizapps) but it is outdated and not very user friendly. My readers (mostly moms on the go) are always using their phones and I’d love to provide them a user-friendly app so they could easily find recipes and DIY projects on the go.

    1. Hi Katie, I think your site looks great and it would very easily translate to Reactor. Although you didn’t win a free account, I’d be happy to help you get setup on Reactor. Email me: scott at Thanks!

  7. We have a creative design business at, and know that a dedicated iPhone app would reach a larger potential customer base, since 6 out of the 7 billion people on this planet are on mobile devices over computers or even tablets. We are grateful for your consideration. -Michael

  8. Hi the team !

    Let’s try it ! I’m the founder or a French startup, which help NGO to raise money. By using our labeled game, the player wins points which can be used to crowdfund a campaign from NGO, to help them to realize an action.

    Anybody can “change the world by Geeking” ! 😉

    I’m not sure that you’ll be able to do it, as I use some plugin to manage the points system (instead of money).

    We need an app to allow the player to check his amount of points, and use it thanks to woocommerce.

    Here is the website :
    And you can see the French NGO campaign here :

    Don’t hesitate if you want some info about anything !

    Thanks !
    Sébastien from Paris 😉

  9. Hi There,

    My name is Jeasy and we run an ecommerce website built with woo commerce called Imperial Swords specialising in fully functional battle ready swords catering to collectors, museums, HEMA practitioners etc.

    We would love to have an app built for our store but the cost involved in getting one dine keeps stopping us. Perhaps if we are picked our dream might come true.

    Kind regards,


  10. Hello People,

    We are working on concept and looking to use Apppressor.
    For the people we teach now this wil be a basic tool to connect and suport in training and teachings.
    We want to go international on website and have training mindfulness, yoga, meditation online.
    Now you say that is not new. The part that is new that we like to put all socialbuddy functionality in the app and also support trainers and teachers from other schools in Europa. We got the idea from your tool apppressor and plugins. Now we need your help becouse we have basic understaning how to setup a app. We have 8 years of user info and good quality training. So i wil be very happy to work together.



    1. Hey Mario, thanks for the comment! Unfortunately you didn’t win, but email me and I can help you figure out the best way to do your app: scott at Thanks!

  11. is about to launch their brand new site which will featured fresh post content, using custom post types for events and volunteer opportunities, and it would be the perfect place to try out Reactor!

    1. Hey Aaron, thanks for the comment! Unfortunately you didn’t win, but if you’d still like to build an app with Reactor let me know and I’d be happy to help you get setup. Thanks!

  12. We’re a Christian charity in New Zealand that sends people to all corners of the world to help with a whole range of social, environmental, economic and spiritual issues.

    Why do we deserve this? Firstly, we’re a non-profit doing some great work. But from your point of view, I’m one of NZs biggest advocates for Appresser. I just love what you’ve done (and continue to do).

  13. Hello,
    We are Spread the Word Outreach, a non profit charity organization. Our ministry is a new online based website that offers all other ministries or non-profits the opportunity to list their their needs to the public. The public than for example types in “guitar” or other items that they have laying around the house and than a list of every ministry that is in need of their item is populated. It is a free service offered to all ministries and the public. We have just completed our website and have some incredible support behind the future of this cause. However, we are in desperate need of an app and have the ability to provide all the requested requirements for the qualification of this offer. Please check out our fully developed website and ministry at Our ministry concept is new, yet our team’s dedication has been proven over the past five years of this development and launch stage! There is so much more that we offer, if you would like to learn more please feel free to contact us directly via our website’s contact page. An opportunity like this would truly be a huge asset for this cause!

    Thank you so much for considering our outreach, 🙂

    Jonathan Loutzenhiser
    Spread the Word Outreach

  14. We are launching a massive store based on WooCommerce in India and Mobile apps is our top priority. As you might know more than 50% of commerce happens on mobile in India so PICK US!!!!

  15. I am a photographer and the most useful thing to have for my photography students that I teach would be a reference guide on their phone – so when they are out and about with their camera they can refer to guides and cheat sheets for their camera settings for particular situations. ( things like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focal lengths, etc are hard to remember when you are getting started in photography). They could also head on over to the full online photography course they would have purchased and maybe even my online gallery for inspiration (and possible further sales?) I love the look of AppPresser – I can’t wait to have an app up and running!

    Thanks for this opportunity


  16. HI! I run a website and full time business dedicated to premium Japanese sake called I’m a dedicated sake sommelier and my great passion is educating and empowering new sake fans. My website features a sake events calendar, a sake 101 education section, tasting notes, blog and a woocommerce-driven sake directory of 575+ sakes. I’ve always wanted an app for my business, and, as I love wordpress integrated solutions, I have been following the rise of AppPresser and more recently Reactor with great interest, but I simply didn’t feel confident enough to do it all on my own. Getting a free account on Reactor and a free app build from your team would be simply amazing and help me achieve my long held dream of getting a high quality, feature rich sake app out there in the marketplace – not to mention reaching a whole new community of people by showing them what Reactor can do. I hope you’ll consider Urban Sake for your free mobile app! Thanks and Kanpai! (Cheers!)

  17. Hi,

    The Spain Report is a 21st-Century foreign correspondence start up. We monitor hundreds of Spanish news stories each week and does its own original, independent, in-country reporting to provide readers with timely information and editorial analysis of the most important major, breaking and trending news from Spain, in English, wherever they are in the world. The web version works with a leaky paywall (X free articles + you choose your own subscription price).

    I try to make the most of every new tech opportunity that is relevant for readers. News reading is going mobile (40–45% of readers do so on a mobile or tablet). Breaking news is a big part of what makes this special, and readers say they really appreciate being able to get original reporting in English for major stories (Santiago train crash, abdication of King, Ebola, etc) as they are unfolding. So doing properly edited breaking news and updates via a mobile app, with push notifications, is absolutely right for our readers. They would really appreciate it.

    I think it would make a great example project for Reactor too, given the feature fit.

    Kindest regards,

    1. Hey Matthew, that sounds like a great app. Magazine style apps work great on Reactor, you should check out the Torque Magazine app as an example. Unfortunately you didn’t win, but I’d be happy to help you get setup on Reactor. Thanks!

  18. Hello and thank you for the opportunity!

    We are Friends Coastal Restaurant in Madisonville, Louisiana. We lost our restaurant due to Hurricane Isaac, which was over two years ago, and are looking to re-open in the spring of 2015. We are building a new building and starting all over.

    I am a minority partner in the business and handle the website, marketing and technology for the restaurant. It would be very helpful to have an application for our restaurant for people to buy merchandise, book events, make reservations, order online and view our menu and images. I know that not all of these feature may be accomplished with existing functions in Reactor, but it would be a great start. As the largest tax producing businesses, our restaurant will help revitalize a community that was devastated by Hurricane Isaac.

    I started a website consulting, design and hosting company ( over 4 years ago and had to rely on it solely for income while our restaurant has been closed. We are 100% WordPress shop and have built many sites and e-commerce solutions for many local businesses.

    We would sincerely appreciate your support to help us get back on our feet by helping us build an app for our restaurant.


  19. We’re not necessary “deserving” it – who does, but we’d be very happy to have an app. Our website itself will be redesigned (it’s not even responsive at this time) but having an app additionally would be perfect.

  20. I have a responsive wordpress site which is to help people find places to eat especially when out and about. Ever been out and needed to find somewhere to eat and don’t know where or if it is going to be any good. Location services is very important with in phone and tablet maps to locate and show a radius of 2 miles from location. Allow to choose places listed based on star ratings, get info about place and if choose then get voice guidance to premises from wherever their location is. Site does this at mo except voice guidance to premises, can only get this from an app.
    Also with the events and promotions push to mobiles and tablets will very much help with the earning part of my site, which is earnings based on very competitive pricing for the advertising.

    So excited about the chance to get this from the most exiting thing I have seen since learning about wordpress.

    Kirk Twyman

    1. Hey Kirk, this sounds like a cool app. You’d need some custom development for the location services, we don’t currently have a product that does that. Unfortunately you didn’t win, but let us know if you’d like to use our app development services. Thanks!

  21. Chrysalis Support Services provides counselling, knowledge and support to empower individuals, who are suffering the effects of family and domestic violence and recent or past sexual assault, to make healthy lifestyle changes free of abuse and encourage healthy and sustainable relationships. Chrysalis has a WordPress website to help spread the word about our services but a mobile app would be an amazing tool to get information to young people and women and help empower the community to be free from violence.

  22. Sir i am controling a small health store website from Hissar,Haryana ,India.
    I need a small app for my heath store .
    So that everyman can care about her health.
    We are decide to help each people to takr care.
    Plz help us to build this to the next level and helping other peoples.

    Now i am using opencart as my shopping site.
    But want to update and use woocommerce soon.
    We have no much money for buying any plan but we want to continue our servise.
    So plz help.
    My Health care Store url is …

    My Personal Care

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