AP3 Ion Theme

We get asked regularly, “Can I use my own theme with AppPresser?” The answer is no. But with good reason.

The AP3 Ion Theme is highly customized and built to make your app look and feel like a native app right out of the box. It’s also built to work seamlessly with several of the native functions on your mobile devices. Like the camera, social sharing and more. Not to mention, the AP3 Ion Theme plays well with WordPress plugins like WooCommerce and Gravity Forms. It even handles embed codes from Google Maps, Youtube and more.

For those looking to customize their apps even further, AppPresser 3 fully supports WordPress child themes. Combine the flexibility of a child theme and the power of new features like the AppPresser Template Hooks, and can start to see how there is no limit to the customizations that you can build into your app!

The AP3 Ion Theme also has built-in styling for the several Ionic Framework components. These can easily be added to a Custom HTML page for a lightning fast page with a beautiful layout.

All our bundles include the new AP3 Ion Theme. Pick the bundle that’s right for you and get started building your app today!