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When you add the AppCamera extension to AppPresser you add the ability to use the camera that is native to iOS and Android devices to your application. camera-feature AppCamera allows you to easily add a button to your app that allows your app users to upload an image from their iOS or Android app to your WordPress media gallery, they can either upload it from their photo gallery, or take a photo and upload it – because it hooks directly into the native features of the iOS and Android devices. You can also publish images straight to a custom post type, which is great for photo blogging. The use of the [app-camera] shortcode inserted into any page or post is all it takes: AppPresser AppCamera Extension The [app-camera] shortcode accepts several parameters including:

  • Action:  specifies where the photo gets posted.  For example, use action=”new” to set the photo as the Featured Image on a new post or page, use action=”library” to post it to the media library directly without attaching it to a post or page and use action=”this” to post it to the page that the shortcode lives on.
  • Post Type: this gives you the control to post the photo to a specific post type (this can only be used when action=”new”).  The default is “post”.
  • Post Title: by default, this is set to false.  If set to ‘true’ – a field gets created on the form to allow users to specify a title for the post that is being created.

World's first iOS app build with WordPress + AppPresser When used with our Ecommerce Bundle, users can upload their own photos of your products from their device directly into your product gallery. You have the option of moderating the photos, then displaying them in your app.