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Mobile Geolocation

The Geolocation extension allows your app users to pinpoint their location on a Google Map, and post their location data to WordPress. You can also “check in” to a Google Places business or custom address.

Simply add the shortcode to any post or page to display a “post location” or “Check in” button.

You can also create a new post of any post type with a custom title and the geolocation data to an embed Google map with a location marker.

Store and update user location data for all logged in users as often as your app needs too. Build apps for social networking, journaling, photography, maps, and much more.

Check Ins

Check in

You can add a button on any page that allows your app users to check into a business from Google Places, or a custom address. After a user checks in through your app, their location is displayed in a custom post type. You can get meta such as latitude, longitude, place name, and address.

Check in admin CPT

You can display these check ins in your app by using a custom page template, or use a filter to do a custom action. For example, send your app user to a page with a coupon after they check in, similar to Yelp.

See our app geolocation documentation for more information.


Get user data such as longitude, latitude, speed, heading, timestamp, and more for custom usage. The geolocation data is stored as post meta information for you to use in any way you want.

Using the shortcode attributes, you can optionally create a new post (any custom post type), add a title, post content, and more.

You can also store geolocation data against user meta for logged in users.

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