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Push notifications are included with your AppPresser 3 account, the AppPush plugin allows you to send pushes from WordPress.

Send pushes manually, each time a post is published, or create custom notifications.

What are push notifications used for?

AppPresser Push Notifications

Push notifications are kind of like text messages that you send to anyone with your app.

If you have a retail store, you can send a message about a sale. If you have an event, send a message about registration.

How do they work?

Push notifications with AppPresser can be sent a few different ways.

1. You can send them manually by using the notifications custom post type under the AppPresser settings menu:


2. Send pushes through WordPress when you publish a new post or page! Any time you choose, send a push notification to your app straight from a WordPress post or page.

3. Developers can write custom hooks to send custom notification based on any event in WordPress. For example, send a notification based on a custom plugin you are using, when you receive a new comment, or pretty much any time. See docs for examples.

AppPush automatically integrates with BuddyPress to send notifications to individual users when they receive a private message or public mention.

How do I setup Push Notifications?

Your iOS app needs special certificates for push notifications, and your Phonegap project also may need a small modification. If you already have an app built, you will need to rebuild it.

There are a few steps to configuring your app for push notifications, but we have great tutorials to help.

Please consult our documentation here.

Works with iOS and Android.

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