App Store Submission Service – $497

We submit your app for iOS and Android, including certificate creation.

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Don’t want to hassle with certificates and app store submissions? Let us do it for you!

We will generate all the certificates, build your app, and submit it to the iOS app store and Google Play.

  • iOS and Android developer licenses are required. How do I get those?
  • You must be using the AppPresser theme or a compatible child theme that meets Apple’s design guidelines (email us if you aren’t sure)

To publish your app to the app stores, it is a multiple part process.

  1. Create and customize your app
  2. Generate the necessary certificates from Apple and/or Google developer accounts.
  3. Build the app files using PhoneGap Build.
  4. Submit the app to Apple and/or Google Play (active developer licenses required).

You have 2 options: do this all yourself, or pay us to do it. It’s up to you.

This process is pretty involved, so we offer this paid build service where we do steps 2 through 4 above for you. With this service, we create all of the necessary certificates through your developer accounts, build your app, and submit to the app stores.

We do not install or configure AppPresser on your WordPress site, or do any app customization for you. This includes the design and implementation of features in your app. You will need to carry out this part of the process yourself.

You are paying for the manual app submission process, we do not guarantee your app will be approved by Apple or Google Play. We reserve the right to refund you and decline to build your app. Because this is a manual process, there are no refunds for any reason after your app is submitted. You can read the documentation here before purchasing