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Note: You do not need this plugin to use ads in AppPresser 3. Please see this doc.


Show ads in your app, and make money when they are clicked.

This plugin enables the AdMob ad network in your app, so you can create and show different types of ads. Show a persistent banner ad, or a popup (interstitial).

Banner ads show on every page of your app, at the top or bottom of the screen. You can also create custom popups (interstitial) that show at a custom time. For example, you can set an interstitial ad to show when a button is clicked, or after a certain time limit. Interstitials require custom code, sample code is included in the plugin files.

After installing this plugin, create your ads for free with AdMob, and configure the plugin settings. If your app was already built without ads, you will need to rebuild it with ads enabled to use this plugin.


You get 100% of any ad revenue with this extension, AppPresser does not control or show any ads in your app.

Billed yearly until cancelled