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In App Purchases and other product updates

By Scott Bolinger | June 1, 2020

Things have been very busy around here, support got pretty crazy due to the pandemic, but we are finally able to come up for air. We have some exciting updates for you this month. In App Purchases In app purchases got a total rewrite to make signups and cancellations more reliable, and make debugging easier.…

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Custom App Spotlight: Vinitial

By Scott Bolinger | July 22, 2014

The AppPresser team develops custom apps for clients who need great performance and custom features. Custom apps go beyond the current capabilities of AppPresser products, Learn more here. Let’s say you play soccer on the weekends, and last Sunday you tweaked your back for the 3rd time. You visit your physical therapist to get checked…

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Make a mobile app with WordPress & Phonegap: Part 2 – Page Transitions

By Scott Bolinger | July 15, 2014

This is part 2 of our series about how to build a mobile app with WordPress and Phonegap using the JSON REST API. You can find part 1 here. In part 2 of this series, we’ll learn how to add different views with page transitions. Views are basically pages, but they work different than website…

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Add push notifications to your BuddyPress mobile app

By Scott Bolinger | July 10, 2014

New updates to AppBuddy allow push notifications when someone mentions you, messages you, or sends you a friend request. The fully featured BuddyPress notification system is similar to Facebook or Twitter, and now with push notifications it can be used in your mobile app. You can test this feature by downloading the PressChat mobile app,…

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Using the WordPress REST API in a mobile app

By Scott Bolinger | July 7, 2014

Update 12/7/16: The REST API is now in WordPress core! You don’t currently need a plugin if using 4.7+. View our updated article for using the final version of the WP-API in a mobile app using Ionic 2 here. The REST API is currently a plugin that allows applications to access the data produced by…

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Display WordPress Posts and Pages in a “News” Style Mobile App

By Scott Bolinger | July 3, 2014

Lots of people ask us how to simply display their WordPress content in a mobile app. For example, if you run a news site, or an online magazine, you may want your audience to be able to view your content in a mobile app while on the go. This video tutorial shows you how to…

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Make a Facebook or Twitter like Social App with AppPresser

By Scott Bolinger | June 23, 2014

Did you know you can make a social networking mobile app like Facebook or Twitter, using WordPress + AppPresser? The popular WordPress plugin BuddyPress is commonly called “Facebook in a box.” This plugin helps you turn your WordPress site into a community website with friending, activity feeds, groups, private messages, and more. AppPresser has built…

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Introduction to how AppPresser works

By Scott Bolinger | June 11, 2014

We get lots of questions like: “Can I use a custom theme/plugin in my app?” “What types of apps can I make?” “How hard is it to customize?” This video is a quick introduction to how AppPresser works, so you can see first hand what it looks like to build an app. We’d recommend everyone…

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Customizing AppPresser: Make a Photoblogging app

By Scott Bolinger | June 4, 2014

AppPresser allows you to make almost any type of app, this video shows you how to go about building a custom app. We will create a simple photoblogging app that allows you to take a photo, upload it and display it in your app. The point of this video is more about learning how to…

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Updates to all products, new AppBuddy extension

By Scott Bolinger | May 9, 2014

We just released updates to all of our products. Please see these important notes before updating. Here are some things you can expect:

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